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Pre-drilling test

Dear Benefactors and Supporters

We are undertaking even more activities to fundraise and source aid for the well construction project in Tanzania. We have a cost estimate for hydrological survey and drilling for water. We operate together with Fr. Marek who, while serving the local people, knows their needs and the area. We chose a place to perform control drilling. It is a village that the inhabitants named Rogoyeti. It is located in the Kikomi District. If you are interested, you can see it, for example, in Google Maps (5 ° 49’19.4 ″ S 36 ° 40’20.2 ″ E;


Father Marek and his parishioners, the Maasai, have reviewed the Tanzanian entrepreneurs who are involved in water exploration and well construction. He chose one of the companies that has existed for so long and has experience that gives you the greatest chance for success. They use the latest (as for those conditions) methods of searching for water and installing devices for its extraction.

The initial valuation of the survey and drilling is USD 7,000.00. The first phase of the project, the drilling borehole, should be completed in November 2020. During this period, there are the best weather conditions for surveying. It is the dry season, the lowest water level is known, and based on this data, it is possible to assess the chances for finding a good source.

That is why we make a strong appeal for help and donations for the construction of the well. Part of the Kikomi district, which includes several villages that will be supplied with this water, is counting on us.

We would like to remind you that, at the moment, the water supply of those people comes from the muddy puddle and water needs to be carried by women and children a few kilometres a day to their villages, with this water being very little.  It is taken straight from the ground, uncleaned.  Unfortunately, it is also the cause of many infectious diseases and, as a result, a very high mortality rate from diseases such as typhoid and cholera, which are no longer present in Europe. These people, however, have no choice. They have no other options. Everyone must drink.

We wholeheartedly ask you for your support !!!

If you want to learn more, write to us, call us or come to the Foundation. Despite the pandemic situation that is difficult for this type of activity, we are still working. We meet with potential donors. We raise government funds to keep our operations running. We send out requests for support. We participate in meetings with creative people full of positive ideas from various backgrounds, thanks to which our knowledge and skills needed to implement our mission are expanded. We are happy to listen to advice from engineers who know how to extract water. We also provide legal advice which allows us to repay some for their services to Africa Help.