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Ladies and gentlemen

I am very happy to inform you that we already have the necessary amount for the project!
Thanks to the commitment and generosity of many wonderful people, I am flying to Tanzania on Sunday to implement the project “Clean Water for Logoyeti”.
As I wrote in previous articles, the well drilled at Logoyeti is of particular importance to the entire community living there. It will not only satisfy the residents’ need for clean water, but will also contribute to agreement between the multi-tribe environment of the people living there.

Let me remind you that a few years ago there was an armed conflict between the Maasai and farmers, among others access to water. Several hundred people died as a result of the conflict. Father Marek Gizicki is trying hard to reconcile all these people. He initiated the construction of this well for all the people living there so that there would never be a conflict over water.
I have great hope, faith and conviction that the project will be successful and will be the seed of another project to create a medical facility in this doomed region of the world where so many people suffer from lack of hygiene and clean water. Doomed to be forgotten before you started helping, but that’s what we’re changing together!
Remember that all this is happening only thanks to your commitment, regardless of whether it is reading this article and telling someone about it, sharing a link or a photo on Instagram or Facebook. Each of your activities, even the smallest ones, leads to great achievements. The Foundation is made up of EVERYONE who has devoted a moment to getting to know its mission better.

With gratitude
Anna Walkowiak
President of the Foundation

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New Year soon!

We're going with Fr. Mark see the current water source of the people of Logoyetia
Women carry water a few kilometers to their farms by foot.
Could you drink this?

Holidays, holidays and it’s over! And in a moment, the New Year!
And we are getting closer to the goal, which is to raise funds for the “Water for Logoyeti” project.
We managed to collect PLN 7,000 (about two thousand dollars) and receive a donation in kind in the form of a submersible pump sponsored by GRUNDFOS. In early January, the pump will go to Tanzania, where it will be supervised by Fr. Marek until the money for drilling is collected.
So far we have money for a 30 meter well. Only 110 meters left to finish!
We whole heartedly thank everyone who contributes to this useful project that will give about 3,000 people access to clean water.
Taking this opportunity, the Foundation Team wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

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Charity donations

Dear Fans and Guests!

            More than two weeks have passed since my return from Tanzania. I visited the villages where the foundation projects will be implemented (Antakae, Logoyeti, Oltotoi, Kiteto Province, Manyara County). I got to know the inhabitants of these villages and saw huge areas dominated by drought, and in the rainy season plagued by more frequent floods, caused by climate change and the massive cutting of trees and shrubs for cultivation.

            For the reasons stated above, 50% of Tanzanian inhabitants suffer from a lack of drinking water. There is a lack of wells, storage reservoirs, not to mention waterworks, which are a luxury that hardly anyone can afford.

            That is why I decided to act to change this depressing reality of the people of Tanzania and raise funds to build a well. As you can read on our website or in the reports on Facebook and Instagram, the beginning has already been made. The research is complete and the site of the well has been agreed and approved.

            The Foundation offers charity donations and fridge magnets with the image of a girl living in the village where the well will be built.

            All donations will be donated to the construction of the Logoyeti well. You can read about the project in the “Projects” tab – “Water for Logoyeti”

            In order to purchase a brick or a magnet, please contact us at 606717929 or write an e-mail to the following address: africahelp2019@gmail.com


Yours faithfully


President of the Africa Help Foundation – Anna Walkowiak