Nasza Misja

Why Tanzania?

Every African country needs help because they are sanitary and medically neglected. Tanzania is a country that guarantees a certain institutional stability and certainty that what will be created there thanks to the help of organizations like ours will not be in vain, and that will be even developed further. The biggest problem is the huge area of the country which is dominated by rural areas. This is where the development aid is supposed to arrive. This is where the sanitary facilities created by Africa Help will be located, where trained local nurses will vaccinate children, treat minor wounds and teach the local population the basic rules of hygiene.

The organization “Children of Africa”, with which we cooperate, operates in many countries, including in Tanzania. Together, we want to build many water, sanitary and medical aid station, enabling hygiene education, access to drinking water and basic medical care at the nursing level.

Our goal is to change the epidemiological status in Tanzania.

Currently, we have started cooperation with the missionary, Fr. Marek Gizicki. His missionary outpost is in Manyara Region. Father Marek looks after a dozen or so villages scattered within a radius of several dozen kilometres. He can get to each village only by unpaved roads. Therefore, it takes him a lot of time to get to the inhabitants of each village and listen to their needs. Our organization decided to help the inhabitants of these villages by collecting funds to build a well for them. We are working together with Fr. Marek, who has already financed hydrological survey, to raise funds for drilling and a pump.


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