We're going with Fr. Mark see the current water source of the people of Logoyetia
Women carry water a few kilometers to their farms by foot.
Could you drink this?

Holidays, holidays and it’s over! And in a moment, the New Year!
And we are getting closer to the goal, which is to raise funds for the “Water for Logoyeti” project.
We managed to collect PLN 7,000 (about two thousand dollars) and receive a donation in kind in the form of a submersible pump sponsored by GRUNDFOS. In early January, the pump will go to Tanzania, where it will be supervised by Fr. Marek until the money for drilling is collected.
So far we have money for a 30 meter well. Only 110 meters left to finish!
We whole heartedly thank everyone who contributes to this useful project that will give about 3,000 people access to clean water.
Taking this opportunity, the Foundation Team wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

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