We have launched a development project for the villages of Rogoyeti, Oltotoi Misheni, Oltepes, Kiteto district, Manyara region – in Tanzania.

The water and sanitary infrastructure construction project in Tanzania involves the following stages:

  • Hydrological surveys in the dry season (first half of November 2020) – the basic steps to be taken are to find a company in Tanzania to carry out such surveys. Fortunately, there is Father Marek, living in the heart of the bush, who has worked for the local population, the Maasai people, for many years. The government’s policy, in fact, its shortcomings and its failure to pay attention to the fate of the inhabitants of the poorest areas, are making the situation of the Maasai and other inhabitants of the region even worse. They lack support mainly because they do not want to give up their cultural differences, e.g. they do not want to give up livestock farming and switch to agriculture which is currently promoted by the Tanzanian government. The development of agriculture has led to trees being cut down in favour of arable land, thereby draining the land and reducing the natural ‘storage’ of water by vegetation. As a result, the lack of clean drinking water has become an even greater problem, although it has always been there. Father Marek, together with us, wants to help the Maasai to survive in these difficult conditions. We also want to prevent the fighting for water as has happened in other parts of Africa with the similar situation – the interests of farmers were at odds with those of nomadic peoples.
  • The next step will be to select and hire the company that will carry out the drilling works. In view of the specific nature of the region and our fears of dishonest contractors, we want to use local companies from the region that have already cooperated with missions and other NGOs from Europe.
  • The next third step is to create a water intake. In this way, it will be possible to supply the villages with water. In the Maasai community, women play the role of home carers. They are also responsible for providing water to the household. In order for every inhabitant of the village to take care of the common good, we want women to look after our wells. They will ensure that the well is not destroyed. They will be protected by all the villagers who care about supplying water to each family, so that there are no conflicts. This problem is one of the biggest ones occurring there, as treated water is expensive and scarce virtually everywhere.
  • A further stage in the development of villages in this district will be the creation of a medical and sanitary facilities where everyone will be able to come for the first aid.

Our Benefactors!

Please make donations via the siepomaga.pl platform, faniMani. and directly via przelewy 24 (transfers 24) or to the Foundation’s account given on our website.

We are starting the project now – the first trip to work in Tanzania in November! Without your support, actions will be very difficult and slow, and sometimes futile. Interrupting the construction process half-way, not completing the work will lead to its destruction and the necessity to start a new one. If the residents see the effects they will gain hope and will be more willing to support us in our next activities. But these should be visible, tangible and working effects. Join us and let us change the lives of these people so that they can live with dignity there. If you are willing to act and help in a way other than a donation, please contact us. This is also important to us. We have ideas but we need action and putting them into practice. Let us do it together!

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